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I use Flash, photoshop, premere, Lazy Nazumi Pro, paint tool sai, and sreenplay software to do some stuff.

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Posted by Lunar-Me7ody - November 6th, 2015

I'll be doing this until I have the experience I need to get paid for these animations.

Posted by Lunar-Me7ody - July 5th, 2015

But I think a video game would be more affective in spreading the message that I want to convey. It's going to be alot harder to do. But I feel like the people playing will be able to relate more to my characters if they were able to play as them. I'll be making the sprites in photoshop, make the cutscenes in flash, and program the game in Unity. If Edmund McMillen can start off with a powerful video game like super meat boy, then I definatly make a captivating video game with simpler gameplay mechanics. I'm going to be reading alot of books, and I'll definatly run a beta for it on Newgrounds before anywhere else. I hope your going to use the idea that I mentioned in my last post. I've been animating, the more I do, the more I thought they would be better cutscenes for a video game. If I do descover that making video games isn't for me, I will release the cutscenes as animations instead. But right now video games is what I want to do.

Posted by Lunar-Me7ody - July 3rd, 2015

I watched some #Mashed videos, and realized that you can increase your watch time to ten minutes based on how many videos you leave linked at the end of the videos. For example, if your video is 1 minute, and the nine videos you leave linked at the end of your video is also 1 minute, then you have enough watch time to become a youtube partner. Try it, and let me know if it works, regardless, I'm going to be animating again, and I'll be doing this exact thing. If there are nine of you who have videos that are 1 minute long I would love to leave a link of your animation in my videos. I think RubberRoss was wrong. Animations just might have a future on youtube after all. I'm sorry I haven't been here in a while, and I'll try to come up with a video real soon.

Posted by Lunar-Me7ody - April 7th, 2015

You don't realize how overated paint tool sai is, entil you have lazy nazumi pro. Also, it was a friends birthday this month, so we bought her dinner, and was shorted funded to actually buy Toon Boom Studio. My next pay period for my part time job is next week. I'll have enough money to buy Toon Boom then. I'm kind of glad I haven't finished any animatoins yet. If my animation was good people would suddenly have higher expectations of me. And if they had those expectatoins they would be dissapionted because I have no way of making new animations right now. I'm sorry to sound cynicle, but I will never go back to using flash. I'm not cynicle. If I used flash I'd have to start from scratch, and I'm already working on a project in Toon Boom.

Posted by Lunar-Me7ody - March 16th, 2015

I'm still waiting for my new laptop to come in the mail. I can't use my other because it's like 7 years old. I'm really eager to animate so the computer being tardy is really pissing me off. I feel bad because I'm really looking forward to working with some of you.

Posted by Lunar-Me7ody - March 12th, 2015

I'm going to be a little longer than expexted when it comes to making animation. I was going to buy a copy of adobe flash when I realized that the prices for newer versions are over inflated and stupid. Don't waste your money on adobe cc, It's like throwing all of your extra money in the trash. I'm getting a copy of Toon Boom because it's less money, and a better program for animation. I'll also be purchasing lazy nazumi pro, a samson microphone, photoshop elements and premere elements 11, and eventually a better graphics tablet.