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I got discouraged from animating but then...

2015-07-03 13:58:38 by Lunar-Me7ody

I watched some #Mashed videos, and realized that you can increase your watch time to ten minutes based on how many videos you leave linked at the end of the videos. For example, if your video is 1 minute, and the nine videos you leave linked at the end of your video is also 1 minute, then you have enough watch time to become a youtube partner. Try it, and let me know if it works, regardless, I'm going to be animating again, and I'll be doing this exact thing. If there are nine of you who have videos that are 1 minute long I would love to leave a link of your animation in my videos. I think RubberRoss was wrong. Animations just might have a future on youtube after all. I'm sorry I haven't been here in a while, and I'll try to come up with a video real soon.


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2015-07-03 14:34:25

Wow that's fantastic news! I have well over 100 videos which are a lot of Let's Plays, animations, live bands, short films, a music video, etc, and they all vary in all amounts of time, longest being 30min and 20 seconds. So would it matter if your channel had a variation of videos and you would be eligible to become a partner with Youtube? I'll probably take a serious look into this soon in this is the case :)