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2015-04-07 20:57:05 by Lunar-Me7ody

You don't realize how overated paint tool sai is, entil you have lazy nazumi pro. Also, it was a friends birthday this month, so we bought her dinner, and was shorted funded to actually buy Toon Boom Studio. My next pay period for my part time job is next week. I'll have enough money to buy Toon Boom then. I'm kind of glad I haven't finished any animatoins yet. If my animation was good people would suddenly have higher expectations of me. And if they had those expectatoins they would be dissapionted because I have no way of making new animations right now. I'm sorry to sound cynicle, but I will never go back to using flash. I'm not cynicle. If I used flash I'd have to start from scratch, and I'm already working on a project in Toon Boom.


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2015-04-07 21:14:04

You do what you damn well want to, and disregard the expectations of others.

That's the best path to success.