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Hello, newgrounds.

2015-03-12 11:07:32 by Lunar-Me7ody

I'm going to be a little longer than expexted when it comes to making animation. I was going to buy a copy of adobe flash when I realized that the prices for newer versions are over inflated and stupid. Don't waste your money on adobe cc, It's like throwing all of your extra money in the trash. I'm getting a copy of Toon Boom because it's less money, and a better program for animation. I'll also be purchasing lazy nazumi pro, a samson microphone, photoshop elements and premere elements 11, and eventually a better graphics tablet.


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2015-03-15 14:21:01

Do you want Adobe flash cs6 for free?

Lunar-Me7ody responds:

No, thanks. Toon boom is a better program. If I had Flash cs6 for free I'd only use for a week or so, before I switch to toon boom.